#5 makes a profound difference

So many businesses went #NoOffice at the beginning of 2020. The reason behind it, as you know, was the COVID-19 outbreak.
But some companies noticed that they could save a substantial amount of money on labor costs and taxes by hiring employees in different countries or states even before the pandemic.

However, working off-site comes with some challenges. Coordinating the work of people located in different time zones can be tough, as well as maintaining a proper communication.

We’ve prepared seven tips that will help you track and improve your remote team’s effectiveness.

#1 Develop good relationships between teams

Insider intel from a team that’s been working remotely for 13 years.

Switching to remote work was one of the most popular business decisions made at the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak — even those companies and organizations that had never considered letting their employees work from home decided that protecting them and stopping the virus from spreading is the number one priority.

Still, there are lots of false beliefs about working remotely. As a company with 13 years of remote work experience, we feel somewhat responsible for tackling them. …

Stop interrupting your coworkers. Let them do their job.

At Nozbe, we strongly believe in remote work and asynchronous communication. And although the former may seem obvious (and we’ve also written a few articles on it), the latter may be something new.

“This is fine… Everything is fine”

At the beginning of the global pandemic, when many businesses switched to a remote model of working, we all experienced the absolute chaos and mayhem. No one was prepared. No communication and productivity tools were tested. We called each other out frantically, trying to get some feedback on our to-dos.

Nozbe’s Pyramid of Communication

What is the Communication Pyramid?

Most traditional offices tend to stick to 2-level communication style that involves high-bandwidth (meetings) and low-bandwidth (chats and calls) communication.
Nozbe, a 100% remote company developing Nozbe Personal & Nozbe Teams productivity apps, realized that there are, in fact, five different levels of communication — starting with those of “highest bandwidth”, and moving towards the “lowest bandwidth” ones.

They vary in level of interruption — low-bandwidth ones cause little or no disturbance in other people’s work, while the high-bandwidth ones require the full and immediate attention of your employees and coworkers.

With the rise of new productivity & collaboration apps…

Break the cycle of working-but-not-really-working paradox

Constant distractions at work kill your productivity mojo. Studies show that the average person loses ~760 hours a year because of distractions at a workplace. That’s one full month. Imagine how saving these 760 hours would help you achieve your goals, targets, even dreams.

What is more, according to Gloria Mark, who is a researcher at the University of California, it takes about 23 minutes and 15 seconds for an average person to focus on their task again after being distracted or interrupted.

Have you ever imagined about why some of us get everything they want done at all time…

…because you deserve to be a happy employee.

Constantly feeling stress at work and not finding meaning in it anymore? You’re not the only one. Burnout is a serious issue that affects more and more workers every day. It is usually caused by chronic workplace stress, and is characterized by exhaustion, decrease in positive moods and lowered self-esteem, as well as lack of self-validation.

There is, however, a light in the tunnel: you can still reinvent yourself at a workplace and find what’s been lost — the passion for what you do.

In “My Grandfather’s Blessings,” Rachel Remen tells us a story about a doctor who had to…

…and we know just how to fix them!

Small businesses are the next big thing. About 67 percent of small businesses viewing conditions are “good or excellent”, the authors of Small Business Growth Index say. The main reasons behind the businesses’ enthusiasm are national economic conditions, improved business operations and business growth.

Many small businesses, however, are still struggling with their growth plans. The challenges they mention are, for example, troubles with hiring the right people, finances monitoring, or even managing their daily workload. What surprises the most is the fact that sometimes the biggest growth-slowing factor is the business itself. …

Proven tricks that will make you more productive, from a team working remotely for 14 years

At Nozbe, we’ve been working remotely for over 14 years now. And — trust us — we’ve tried everything when it comes to remote work.
As many businesses that have previously worked in traditional offices switched to #homeoffice due to COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve asked our coworkers what tips, tricks and hacks boost their remote work productivity. By making use of them, you’ll instantly see how efficient working from home can be.

1. Arrange your workspace

Small changes make the biggest difference.

Do you experience headaches, eyestrain, sore muscles or any other type of discomfort after 8 hours of work in front of your computer? You’re not alone. According to studies, about 75% of us endure pain a few times a week or more due to sedentary work.

What is more, sitting for extended periods of time is named as one of the factors that cause premature death, researchers say. Other correlating illnesses include cardiovascular diseases, obesity, depression, and burnout.

But the negative effects of working at the desk can be significantly reduced if you apply proper ergonomics principles.

Ergonomics help people…

…and they work at the home office, too!

Stress is a natural reaction that occurs when you’re dealing with difficulties in your life. Whether you’re struggling to meet a deadline, commuting, or having an argument with your loved ones — all of these situations can trigger stress, anxiety and tension.
Naturally, stress is already a part of our lives — but we still can prepare ourselves for it and reduce its negative effects. We’ve gathered a few tips that may help you with that.

Find time for genuine conversations

Nozbe Team

We’re Nozbe, experts on personal and team productivity! ✔Check out our Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams apps at www.nozbe.com.

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